50 Men, 50 Miles, 50 years, £50k!

On Wednesday 13th June 2018, 50 former soldiers and women from the Light Infantry, led by Paul Cocoran will be marching the longest walk to the pub ever known, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Light Infantry.

Their mission is to raise £50K to support the Light Infantry Association, which among many other things, looks after veterans and keeps the reunions going each year.


Supporting them will help keep these reunions going and will help the Light Infantry Association to continue the support it provides to hundreds of veterans each year.

Links to the fundraising pages of those people who are taking part:


Paul Cocoran

James Cohen

Andrew Thatcher

Richard Montagu

Dave Goldsmith

Greg Dare

Thomas Sutcliffe

Mike Harper

Steven Green

Shaun Lavender

Robert Thornton

Kevin Kavanagh

Jim Findlay

Sue Mullen

Sharon Davies

Graeme Hardie

Mick Moreau

Lee Dunn

Ken Lindon

Terry Wiltshire

Richard Davey

Fred Vasey