Light Infantry Associations

Other places for advice and help

The Royal British Legion

We help serving and ex-Service personnel and their families. Not just those who fought in the two World Wars, but also those involved in the many conflicts since 1945 and those still fighting today.

We provide welfare services, campaign on a range of issues affecting Service people, are custodians of Remembrance, raise funds through the annual Poppy Appeal and we are a membership organisation.

SSAFA Forces Help

We help and support those who serve in our Armed Forces and those who used to serve - even if it was only for a single day. We also care for the families of both.

Last year alone, our professional staff and trained volunteers provided a reliable, caring and trusted service to more than 50,000 people. We helped to make a real difference to many lives.


BLESMA (British Limbless Ex Service Men's Association) is the national charity for limbless serving and ex service men and women and their dependants and widows.

It is the charity that directly supports all our service men and women who lose limbs, the use of limbs or eyes or the sight of an eye in the service of our country and we are with them all whenever we are needed for the rest of their lives. Our work starts with rehabilitation - proving that there is life after amputation.

St Dunstan's

An independent future for blind ex-Service men and women.

We provide lifelong support for blind and visually impaired ex-Service men and women. Please help us give more blind heroes an independent future and support us now!

Royal Blind

The organisation is dedicated to providing essential support and services to those living with blindness and visual impairment across Scotland, the UK and abroad.

Haig Housing Trust

Flexible housing solutions for ex-Service People

Haig Housing Trust is a new charity set up to provide housing and accommodation related assistance to the ex-Service community.


October 2011 will mark ten years since the beginning of the conflict in Afghanistan. DecAid is a national appeal set up to honour this Anniversary. We hope to raise a minimum of £350,000 for three service charities that help current and ex-servicemen and women, and their families, who have been affected by the conflict in Afghanistan since it began in 2001.

Help For Heroes

Help for Heroes is strictly non-political. We have no affiliation with any political party and we do not endorse the use of our name for the promotion of any political viewpoint. The money that we raise at Help for Heroes is used to support wounded Servicemen and women of every colour and creed and we strongly oppose any individual or political party who believes otherwise, and those who seek to use the charity's name for their own political gain.

The Pilgrimbandits

In 2010 we became recognised by the Charity Commission as a Charity in our own right. Being a charity will allow us to support many of our amputees and local veterans, plus smaller forces projects. We also hope to be able to fund research and development into Prosthetics for our wounded.

We raise our funds through our challenges our aim being is to take members of the public into an unknown environment and Challenge themselves, find out what they are made of ? while still retaining the main quality needed a sense of humour. What ever the Challenge brings for each Challenger the one thing they may each take away with them, is the fact that they will be tested.


Leaving the services? Everyone needs guidance and help when changing from one career to another. The change between serving with trusted pals in a combat zone or peace keeping role and starting a civilian life is as perplexing as it can be dramatic.

When you joined the services you underwent a transition course to prepare you for your military career. Now you need to learn how to take full advantage of your resettlement package and to succeed in your new life.

The Warrior Programme

The Warrior Programme particularly helps Ex-Service personnel and the homeless, and provides an environment where creative solutions can be explored in a supportive community atmosphere, yet on a one-to-one basis. It will benefit anyone suffering from depression, anxiety and increased levels of stress who is serious about changing their life for the better. It will enable you to move forward positively and more productively in your life.

Soldier On

"Soldier On!" is a wholly unique initiative. It links the excellent personal discipline and professional skill characteristic of disabled former armed forces personnel with employers looking for the best people, for mutual benefit

Combat Stress

Combat Stress is the leading charity specialising in the care of British Veterans who have been profoundly traumatised by harrowing experiences during their Service career.

Many Veterans leave the Armed Forces with highly debilitating conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression and anxiety disorders. Their problems can remain masked for years, and they and their families may be struggling to deal with matters at home.

Veterans Aid

The leading charity for homelessness among veterans in the UK.

Veterans Aid exists to help you if you are homeless or are likely to become homeless. Contact us now if you need help, regardless of how long you served or whether you were in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army, RAF or Merchant Service. We will try our best to help you!