Sir John Moore Barracks Light Division Chapel
and Memorial Garden

From 1986 Light Infantry adult training moved to the new and modern Light Division Depot at Sir John Moore Barracks Flowerdown.

Although originally purpose built for the Light Division it now accommodates an Army Training Regiment but still retains a number of strong visible and physical ties with all of its former regiments including the Light Division Chapel and Memorial Garden as well as a small memorial and trees to commemorate the 8 members of 1 LI killed at Ballygawley on 20 August 1988.

The maintenance of the garden and the Ballygawley Memorial has kindly been taken on by the Winchester branch of the Royal Green Jackets and is funded by The Rifles from funds transferred by the Light Infantry upon formation of the new Regiment.

Set in a quiet peaceful and tree lined location immediately adjacent to the chapel the Memorial Garden over the last year has undergone a fairly major refurbishment programme of replanting, laying paved walkways and repositioning of memorial benches. The result of which is now a restful and attractive garden for quiet contemplation and prayer. Being consecrated it is also the perfect resting place in which to scatter the ashes of a much loved Light Infantryman. A short scattering service can also be provided if required by the resident padre.

In addition to which and at private expense a small brass memorial plaque measuring 10cm x 6cm and pre-drilled can also be left at the garden. The positioning and fixture however will be carried out by a member of the Memorial Garden Team.

Some ashes have already been scattered in the Memorial Garden but regretfully no definitive records of these have been kept. John Fitz-Domeney is currently attempting to compile a list and would welcome details of any individual whose ashes have been scattered on the garden.

For further details please contact in the first instance John Fritz-Domeney on 01962 828525 (work)
email: or Maj Roy Stanger on 01962 887916 (work)